Reflections ….

In the midst of depression you often feel like family and friends do not understand you and lack the time, patience and skills to listen effectively to your emotions, not just your words. With time set aside for personal reflection and insights, you realise that the quieter you become the more you hear of what is inside of you. You learn to recognise, acknowledge and analyse that huge void of desolation, isolation and invisibility that is festering and growing inside of your heart and soul. The Universe has a weird and mysterious way of bringing into your life a certain individual or individuals who then transpires to be a powerful listener. You realise that with their gift of listening to your words, feelings and emotions – both expressed and unexpressed – that this generous gifted skill allows you to share and release all your fears, disappointments, pains and hopes. They exhibit a rare and much appreciated way of listening that is pure, non-judgemental, patient and emphatic that allows you the space and confidence to feel understood and validated. With their powerful art of listening, they do not necessarily provide you with answers, solutions or advice – but ultimately with something far more meaningful and needed – and that is thought provoking questions of Self and healing. Being heard – really heard – for the first time, helps you to shift your perspective from feeling invisible to feeling visible, from feeling depressed and down to feeling uplifted, from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful. Such an effective listener knows the true meaning of the phrase: ‘words have no meaning – it is people who have meaning’. When you are sat opposite a mindful, concentrated and active listener, you realise that you feel a sense of freedom to express yourself without fear of rejection or judgement or ridicule.

Truly listening to another – can really uplift another person and change that person’s life forever.

One of the most important things in communication is to hear what isnt being said.

Listening is like a magnetic and creative force: friends who truly listen to us are usually those we tend to gravitate towards: those who assist us to unfold and expand from the inside out. Listening attentively means you are not only listening to the words but also to what is being conveyed beneath the words.

So, next time we speak or see one another – ask yourself if you care enough to ask how I am but more importantly, to wait for an answer.





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