My book: ‘The Journey of I & I’ is now available via Author House Publishers website. 

I am a first time published Author and so gratefully excited to be seeing my first completed book in print. My name is Maureen Worrell – Author pen-name: Jah siSTAR. 

I do hope you will all take a peek and find the preview intriguing enough to purchase a copy or two – lol. 

Please feel free to leave your comments here after reading the book. 



One Reader wrote: 

This book needs some serious promoting and sharing. It is a deep, motivational, empowering and inspirational story about how someone can overcome ANY hardship in life and live to tell the story to give hope to others. It is honestly a truly motivational depiction of a struggle to survive: it is shocking at times but very well written.

[J Safo-Antwi – Psychology & Criminology]. 


Another Reader commented: 

Powerful. Sharing in your humble, proud, excited and happy moment. More power to you. Love a success. Ordered my copy already after just reading the Preview online. 

[J Selassie – Counsellor]


‘The Journey of I & I’ by Jah siSTAR [Maureen Worrell]

Available via:



Book Cover Illustrations by Rebecca Worrell




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