'Some Things'

‘Some Things’ – a short film by Film Director Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka

Depicts and illustrates the need for the subject of child sexual abuse to cease from being a taboo subject within our communities. Based on a true story, it is a harrowing tale of a young girl who is being molested by her mother’s partner & of how the consequences of such a heinous act impacts on not just the young victim but also her family.

It is refreshing to see an individual take such a strong stance on this often taboo subject and run with it in terms of bringing it into the public domain on the big screens. This film is a must-see and should be part of the school curriculum to teach and show children that being silent is not their only option – that they should know that someone else out there will hear their pleas for help, listen to their fears and be proactive in doing anything that is necessary to help and/or remove them or their abuser/s from that insidious and criminal environment.

I would definately recommend this film to anyone out there.

I congratulate Fredi on producing such a fantastic film with a great cast of actors/actresses.



2 thoughts on “‘Some Things’

  1. Cezanne Poetess (Artist/Poet/Author)

    Hi siSTAR, I was just speaking to another siSTAR today about this very same topic; I am re-launching ‘MUMS in ACTION’ next March; she was one of the mums I was working with. Turns out, she had been through the same experience of child abuse and not being protected by her mother. She now wants to work with Black women who have gone through the same thing. I would like to introduce her to you, and see how you can both work with MiA (launching March 2014) My email address is: cezannepoetess@gmail.com

    1. maureenliz Post author

      Hi Cezanne Poetess

      Thank you for your message. MIA [MUMS in ACTION] sounds like something that I would be very much interested in. The subject and the issue of child abuse is indeed something that needs to have its taboo label eliminated completely. You have my email address and please, I would be happy to converse with and meet the lady in question. Best Regards. More Love.

      Jah siSTAR [Maureen Worrell] @ mrnworrell@yahoo.co.uk


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