Feeling Humbled, Thankful & Ecstatic!!

I am so appreciative of EVERYONE who has, to date, purchased a copy of my book, ‘The Journey of I & I’: whether hard copy or e-books. Words cannot express how I truly feel, but know that I love you all for your continued show of love, belief, encouragement and support – its just too PRICELESS to put into words. 



The following professional Review [y’all can read it in upcoming magazine edition] sums up the hoped-for & much appreciated feedback I was wishing for.

“I honestly cannot remember the last time I encountered such a genius yet concise interpretation of a ranged symphony of emotions and experiences. The writing style by Jah siSTAR (such a unique pen name by the way) is nothing short of amazing. Biographies and the sort are more often than not bogged down by too many words in an effort to fill page space and bad experiences can be dragged out leaving the reader feeling sympathetic yet dragged down. This entire book is based on terrible and scarring experiences yet the frequent interlacing of the good and bad experiences and the overall overwhelming yet ever so real motivational factors, left me feeling rejuvenated. All of this in addition to the fact Jah siSTAR came out of nowhere/from under the radar with such a great first book, makes her book not just a fantastic READ but also an incredible JOURNEY. I recommend this as a life-changing read”.

All I can do is to continue to GIVE THANX. 


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