Via Fredi Kruga Nwaka – Award Winning Film Director. 

Maureen Worrell & a few of her family members have purchased their tickets to watch Fredi Kruga’a new film on CHILD ABUSE at BAFTA & I am proud to announce that Maureen has been invited as a Guest Speaker & to sign copies of her book, ‘The Journey of I & I’. 

‘SOME THINGS’ is a film about CHILD ABUSE in the black community. Let’s support home grown talent and also highlight a horrible crime. 


You can get tickets from:

Only a few left so get yours now.


Award winning Writer, Director and Actor Fredi ‘ KRUGA’ Nwaka, releases his latest project in the form of another edgy, gritty but yet very realistic short film drama.

The last several months have seen the tabloids riddled with scandals surrounding claims of sexual child abuse. 

‘SOME THINGS’ is based on true events and tells the touching story of a young girls ordeal but also how it’s effects can be catastrophic for the family as a whole. Whenever there is abuse there is never just one victim. Sexual abuse involving children is a topic that for many years has been ‘swept under the rug’ so to speak, within the Afro-Caribbean and Asian Communities. 

Whilst researching for this project, numerous harrowing tales came to light, so please also come & support & get your copy of the powerfully written & fast selling book by new Author Maureen Worrell, whom I can confirm will be attending and promoting and speaking about her book, ‘The Journey of I & I’ – a truly inspirational tale of determination, survival and HOPE. 

Read the amazing Reviews of this book on Amazon – e.g.
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspire Yourself 22 Dec 2013

“I honestly cannot remember the last time I encountered such a genius yet concise interpretation of a ranged symphony of emotions and experiences. The writing style by Jah siSTAR (such a unique pen-name by the way) is nothing short of amazing. Biographies and the sort are more often than not bogged down by too many words in an effort to fill page space and bad experiences can be dragged out leaving the reader feeling sympathetic yet dragged down. This entire book is based on terrible and scarring experiences yet the frequent interlacing of the good and bad experiences and the overall overwhelming yet ever so real motivational factors, left me feeling rejuvenated. All of this in addition to the fact that Jah siSTAR came out of nowhere/from under the radar with such a great first book, makes her book not just a fantastic READ but also an incredible JOURNEY. I recommend this book as a life-changing read.”

“I don’t know if it’s a pride thing but it’s just something we don’t talk about or weren’t allowed to talk about, yet we all know it happens” – Fredi Nwaka

As a result of ‘SOME THINGS’, Fredi’s organisation C.R.I.M.E will be presenting Workshops in and around London on Sexual Abuse and Grooming. ‘SOME THINGS’ will not end child sexual abuse but it will bring about Awareness and open a door within the Black and Asian Communities that has for so long been shut tight. 


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