Angela Rahman wrote:
Read more about this amazing author, Maureen Elizabeth Worrell “The Journey of I and I”, in January issue out soon!!!!
Why is it important to tell your story?

“It was vitally important to tell my story, in that, I knew there were others out there like myself, who had suffered for years in silence. My ultimate goal was in sharing my story, that someone out there in need or turmoil would read it, realising they too were not alone and that there was always HOPE. I wanted to reclaim the right and the necessity to re-empower myself and thousands of others like me. I emphasise this in my book, that whilst I was a victim I was also a survivor! 

New website and digital magazine coming soon …..

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  1. maureenliz Post author

    Very excited to be working with this inspiring lady of Nubia Ltd Magazine and cannot wait to see my interview in print! plus the up-coming Book Signing Launch Event soon! Feeling Awesome and blessed and humbly appreciative of all blessings. xx


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