Thought You Might Like To See The Email I Sent To Your Publishers About Your Book ‘The Journey Of I & I’

I have recently read one of your publications. The journey of I and I, by Jah siSTAR.
I can only blame this book for My husbands recent threats of divorce…we do have kids but I seem to have misplaced them under the mound of washing and ironing that did not get done, because I was glued to this fascinating story.
You have certainly picked a ‘winner’ with this writer. I am currently looking to place my kids in boarding school or a ‘home’ so I can get some peace when the next part of the trilogy is released.
The authors childhood experiences could not have been any different to my own, except that we are both Women of colour being raised during the same era.
Throughout her story I found myself slack jawed, laughing one minute and crying the next. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions. Her strength of character and ability to forgive is awesome.
There were times I felt slightly guilty for the loving safe enviroment I was raised in but that was a good thing, It was a reminder of the blessings I almost didn’t realise I had, never once did the tone of the book veer into self pity.
When my grandaughter is old enough I shall give her a copy of this book, to help her have a wider understanding of the world we live in and I shall encourage her to look out for signs of abuse amongst her peers. This book should be used in schools.
Thank you for publishing this excellent book. It deserves to go to the top of the best sellers list. I shall definitely be buying volumes 2 and 3

Kind Regards

Amina Ali


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