Bringing Awareness to Our Communities! Giving Thanx Daily For All of My Blessings!



1st February 2014

Great night last night at Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka’s Film Screening of his two short films, ‘If Only’ and ‘Some Things’ – highlighting the issues surrounding gang violence and child sexual abuse. 

Fantastic attendance by a diverse and varied individuals from all walks of life. 

Both films were powerful in their own right and are sure to have a great impact on all who watch them. Well done Fredi and I am sure you realise that people appreciate what it is you are trying and succeeding in doing with the messages contained within your films. 

I was fortunate enough to attend with a kind invite from Fredi, to promote and sign copies of my first published book, ‘The Journey of I & I’ – and did so with several members of my family including the talented Miss Becki Worrell – the Artistic Illustrator of my book cover. Numerous people commented on how they were not only drawn to the book by it’s contents but also by the cover! High praise indeed and worthy of such a skilled and talented young lady who has the unique ability to understand within seconds what it is you are aiming to convey and who is capable of artistically drawing your thoughts exactly as you describe them to her. I was very proud to have her by my side at such an important event and during such a vital part of my continued journey. 

I could easily write another book just about those individuals who have stood steadfastly by my side through this very emotional but worthwhile journey – lol – but will take a few seconds to just mention a few in particular. 

My Parents – whose love, support, encouragement and belief in me has never wavered. I have always known the depth of their love for me but still, they continue to pleasingly surprise me with their declarations of pride and love for me. 

My children – my heartbeats. I feel so proud and blessed with their unconditional love, support, encouragement and their obvious pride in me, as their Mum. Having them stand tall beside me makes everything that I go through, experience and/or endure so worthwhile. Without them my journey of life would be incomplete. 

My sister – Rose. Always so steadfast, genuine and enthusiastic in her support, pride and love for me. I do believe she believed in me even during those times when I faltered and had so many doubts. My love for her grows daily still. 

The Readers of my book – there are hardly any words to describe my gratitude for their support and love shown from day one of the book being published. I thank them ALL for their wonderful reviews and comments after reading my story. I especially thank them for taking the time to message me or to leave comments on about me and the book. Even more so for those numerous readers who have felt impelled to tell me exactly HOW my story has affected, impacted or changed their lives. This is the ultimate compliment they could have paid to me as a writer. To be told in no uncertain terms how my words have helped them or altered some vital part of their being – be it emotional, mentally or spritually – that is just too awesome for words. It leaves me feeling so humbled and grateful and blessed. To me, this is PRICELESS. 

Many  thanks to Nubia Magazine – especially Angela Rahman – for her time and attention and genuine liking of reading my book. I am eternally grateful for the connection with this inspiring lady who understood from the beginning from where I was coming from and to where I am going. 

Special mention has to go out to Mz Bella of Rock2Rock Radio who has exhibited nothing short of total and awesome support in me and my story. 

To BlackVision Tv – I thank you for loving my story and look forward to working with you in the very near future – I so admire your vision and all that you are striving to achieve. 

My Family and Friends – you all of you have each contributed to motivate me to keep on moving forwards and I thank you all for embracing and supporting my personal visions and goals in taking this massively healing step in my journey of life. 

I do hope that I am continuously blessed in continuing to help to give myself and others a Voice. 

In the immediate future, I am so looking forward to working with Nubia Magazine in organising my Book Signing Event in March 2014. Details to follow asap. 

I am busy working on Book Two of this Trilogy of books – 2nd book is titled: ‘The Definition of I & I’. I hope to have this 2nd book completed by the summer! 

Giving Thanx to Jah daily for all of my blessings. XXxx



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