Loving My Passion !!

Looks like i’m gonna have to give someone a commission – this gentleman just rang me to say both he and his wife read and loved my book and in telling their elderly friends about MY story, they all want their own copies to read. We joked about how they all not into or understanding this internet thing – lol – so he was calling to see if I could order their copies for them. Giving Thanx I have spare copies here intended for an upcoming event – he was ecstatic when I told him he could have those . 6 different couples wanted books he said . OK I replied: I will drop the 6 books to you tomorrow. No! He said: its 12 copies he needed. The couples each want their own copies! At fe dem age dem can’t wait pon dem one another fe done read dat deh book suh! I laugh till me nearly drop off de chair ! 

Still amazes me the diversity of the age groups of people reading my book ! 

Giving Thanx my written words appealing to one and all. 










Feeling pleased and blessed.  


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