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5.0 out of 5 stars This book is a must read, 20 May 2014
This review is from: The Journey of I & I: [The Definition of I & I] (Paperback)
First of all can I say CONGRATULATIONS to Jah SiSTAR for writing this book. Since the launch of this publication, I anxiously awaited my copy.
What I read was nothing short of phenomenal. Firstly, because for any author, putting yourself out there is a brave and scary thing to do.
Having read the book, the author has told the story of so many Black British families. Her description of her visit to Jamaica, the language (the hybrid patois/ English), her relationship with her brothers and a grandmother that she had never met, but felt so connected to was something that I could identify with.
However, the overriding beauty of this book is the author’s ability to forgive in a no nonsense way and not lament as a victim, yet maintain her relationship with her parents. So many African Caribbean families had to deal with issues such as child abuse and domestic violence and whilst it may have had it’s effects, Jah SiSTAR has been able to demonstrate the power of forgiveness, a staple to moving forward.
This book was better than other stories of abuse (like Ugly) in that the author was able to EXPLAIN the roots of the domestic abuse, and the story was told in a way that I felt that she was talking with me over a cup of tea and THAT was fun as I found myself speaking to the book as if the author was in the room with me.
I cannot wait to read further books as there is a talent in this woman that more people need to familiarise themselves with.
She is doing what so many of us want to do and since the launch of this book, she has encouraged many to speak, many to write their stories and broken those chains of silence.

Pic taken at BAFTA Piccadily London


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