‘The Journey of I & I’

The Journey of I & I is primarily a tale of survival and determination and overcoming vast obstacles in daily life from the birth of the main character of the book.

Readers are invited to accompany the main character [Liz] as she journeys back to where her life began. As one avid reader noted after reading a few extracts from the book, “It is like standing behind a wall of glass and looking in on Liz’s life as it painstakingly unfolds and all the while wanting desperately to smash through the glass to alternatively rescue her, help her, laugh with her, embrace her and walk every step of her life with her to its conclusion”.

Despite its initial subject matter of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse, ‘The Journey of I & I’ is a book filled with humour and laugh out loud moments.

The writing of the book began simply as a form of therapy for the main character, Liz, as she sought various ways of healing herself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is literally a journey of life that begins with chaos and drama but evolves into a life she could only have dreamt was possible.

It is a book inspired by an urge to validate her life as an individual. A means of looking back on herself and also at the person she grew into despite of or in spite of all she endured. It is further inspired by learning and witnessing that she was not the only one who suffered and overcame life, such as it was.

Her journey back was vital to enable her to acknowledge, analyse, accept, understand and own the perceived betrayals and devastating misuse of her trust from many whom she believed should have protected her and really should have known that her silence was too loud and was borne out of pain, fear and confusion.

It is also a book that was initially propelled into writing after the main character, Liz, as an adult, felt compelled to face her varying inner turmoils and answer the questions of her being. That realisation had such a profond effect on her and therefore allowed her to recognise the tools she possessed within her inner soul that would ultimately give her the strength and the courage to accept and own the whole of her Self.

Quote from Dorrance Publishing Agents:

“Your style of writing is extremely powerful and inspirational. Your story is so well written and descriptive that there is no doubt that this particular story will go a long way in helping others who have been through or who are currently experiencing similar situations or circumstances. Our one regret at this moment in time is that we did not sign you up first!! We are aware that you have other books in the pipeline and we are hoping that we can bring you on board to have the pleasure of publishing your future books with us. ‘The Journey of I & I’ is a definate must-read.”



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