Excited to be nominated for 3 REEBA Awards!!

Massive Thanx to ALL who have been voting for me on Twitter! & via Facebook! & Emails!

Response and Support has been mega & awesome & I thank you ALL so much. Keep the votes pouring in please – tell a friend or two or 20!

Drop me a comment once you have cast your votes for all 3 Nominated Categories so that I can continue to thank you personally.

Share the Voting Link on your walls please! & all over your Twitter pages!

Please also remember to post your reviews and comments on Amazon.co.uk This will help towards getting my book available in retail shops on your High Streets!

Those who have a copy of my book, The Journey of I & I, please continue to tag me in a pic of yourselves with my book. Loving the pics I am receiving from Readers.

Appreciations & Love in Abundance!

Author of the Year
Positive Impact
Outstanding Accomplishment

Link for voting:


Link to Amazon Book Page: 



#Invest-In Success 

Maureen Worrell with Fredi Nwaka

With Award Winning Film Director Fredi Kruga Nwaka


Maureen Worrell with Actor Ashley Walters

With Ashley Walters – supporting my first published book The Journey of I & I


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